Unlock your benefits!

Members with an Amazing Lash Studio® Maintenance Plan are entitled to a 20% discount on kits and a 10% discount on all other items on shop.amazinglashstudio.com.

Use Your Online Booking Account

This special pricing can be unlocked by logging into shop.amazinglashstudio.com using the email address on file at the studio where the membership is located. This may be the same account or email address you have already used for booking online or in the app.

Create a new account

If you have received services in a studio, but have not yet created an account for shopping or booking online, create one using the email address or phone number attached to your account in the studio.

Get help accessing your membership benefits

Contact Your Home Studio

If you do not know which email address is on file in the studio, have multiple email addresses on file at different studios or wish to update your email address or phone number, please contact the studio where your membership is located to make changes to your membership record.

Contact Customer Service

If you have created an online shopping account using the email and phone number attached to your in-studio membership, but your membership pricing is not being reflected, please contact shop.amazinglashstudio.com customer service for assistance.

Become A Member

The most affordable and convenient way to achieve the glamorous lash look that lash extensions provide is to become a member at an Amazing Lash Studio Location in order to receive the best pricing in-studio and online. You membership benefits are honored at 250+ locations nationwide and online at shop.amazinglashstudio.com.

Which membership is for you?

Twice Monthly Membership Package

Receive two Lash Refills* per month.

TIP: YOU SAVE MONEY and have the best lash experience with this package when you follow the recommended schedule of getting Lash Refills every 2 weeks.

Once Monthly Membership Package

Receive one Lash Refill* per month.

NOTE: Any additional fills are paid for at the discounted membership rate.

*You must have more than 20 lash extensions per eye for your appointment to be considered a Lash Refill. Otherwise you may need a full set.

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